Thursday, June 13, 2013


lousa abril-junho 2013
We still didn't have time to write down the incredible experiences we had in our trip to Portland  - you can have a glimpse of it in this report from Craig Thompson - but I wanted to put this picture of our white board in here to mark the end of a cycle and the beginning of the next one. It takes a long time to make comics, and a lot of planning is required, and the artist just hopes there's no loss of quality when you have to worry about deadlines and schedules. We feel we reached the end of one cycle as our BPRD-Vampire mini-series is done, and as Bá finished all his six KillJoys covers, and as we just delivered our short story for the American Vampire anthology. We're starting a lot of new projects right now, and it's an exciting time, maybe the most exciting time in every project, when we watch these ideas as they are born and start to take shape. This initial energy will feed us for the next days, months and years as we work on these stories.
Back to the drawing board.


Paul said...

Will you be working on any of your own stories like Day Tripper or De:Tales in the coming months?

Unknown said...

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