Monday, October 01, 2018

NYCC 2018 prints... to you

I've made a new one-page story/poster for NYCC. I'm working on Casanova, and other projects, and none of them is coming out this year (well, the Hellboy Winter Special is, but still), and sometimes you just want to make something that you can put out in the World, to reflect the moment, your moment, your thoughts and feelings. And I chose a Walt Whitman little poem that I liked, that reflected these feeling I have, and I created this little story around it.

There are people I admire who, in their actions, reflect what I'm feeling. There are stories and characters who also inspired many people, myself among them. I'm channeling all of this in this little piece, hoping it reaches... well, you.

I made this to you.

I'll have this poster, along with other prints, at my table on Artists' Alley (L1 and L2).


I'll have my How to Talk to Girls at Parties poster at my table, too. It's more than twice the size of my other prints, and it's gorgeous.


Bá will have a new Umbrella Academy poster at the table as well a Daytripper poster. (I'll have a Daytripper print as well)

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