Monday, December 13, 2004

Dancing in the dark.

Sometimes I wonder what should I write around here. At the same time, I try to guess who reads this, what this person (or people) is (are) after and if, by peaking at my very deranged train of thought, they leave satisfied.

Actually, I just want this to be the first step towards comics. For me, it would be my never-ending first step toward making them; for you, it would be the first step toward getting to know what those comics are about, what is cool about it and where do you start reading.

But enough of making questions (that's when you notice you just wrote two paragraphs with no question marks). It's also good not to know too much in advance what lies ahead. The mystery turn the journey much more interesting, so you should always enjoy the mystery you'll run into, be it by living, by working or by creating stories filled with mystery and uncertainty.

With every new story, you meet new people. They'll take you to places you never thought you would go. Maybe you've dreamed about it before, and somehow it all seems strangely familiar. Maybe you've read about all that in a book, in a comic or maybe you just waited your entire life for something like that to happen.

Or maybe I talk too much when I should be back at my board making my comics look better.


Soet said...
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Anonymous said...

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