Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Not someone to be messed with.

or just a picture of pretty things to come

I bet she wear red lipstick. I bet she smokes, in a "old hollywood" kind of way, with grace, charm and attitude. Yes, she smokes, without guilt or worries. And that's also how she lives.

No guilt.

No worries.

Just fun.

I can't deny she can get in trouble from time to time. I could go to the point where it would be safe to assume she attracts it. Well, she's a pretty girl, and those (the pretty girls) are always the ones trouble goes after.

Next year, we have an appointment. If I were to be romantic, and I have this tendency of being a romantic fool, I could say that next year, we have a date.

She'll be wearing her red lipstick, of course.

And she'll be smoking.

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