Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Off we go.

Good things start with a nice cup of coffee. And so it's with a cup of coffee that we shall start yet another trip to the Comic book convention in San Diego. It's the ninth time we go. Yes, the ninth.
Sometimes we think we're already getting tired of all this convention business, but we go anyway. Even if we think we have seen it all, every year we see and do something new.

We just had to learn how to look, and there it was.

We go to the comic book convention for the people. There are lots and lots of them, and most surely never heard of us, and we believe that we can help them get to know what kind of work I do. There's so much out there, so many booths, so many independent artists, so many comic books that look just the same as yours (well, not the same, ours is cool, but people don't know that yet) that you need to talk people into looking inside your cover. Let them decide if they like what's inside, but make them know you exist.

Let them look for it in the crowd, and see if whatever they see smiles at them.

To look the part we're playing...

It's simple and we like it that way. It has some strange portuguese words that only our brazilian fans will understand, but that's our card and it serves it's purpose. Anyone interested in sending us e-mail, just click on the card. We probably won't answer before the convention is over, but eventually we'll get to it.

I hope we have a safe trip. And a fun one, while we're at it.

1 comment:

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