Saturday, July 30, 2005

I don't get it.

When it comes to doing what you love, it doesn't help trying to explain how things work, even if they do, to people that only want to know how it ends. They'll always miss the important bits.

New things are moving. Slowly, but forward. We still have a lot to do (don't we always?), but this week and the next hold the promise to be the busiest from the entire year.

Maybe I'm wrong, and let's hope that this is the case, for we certainly need to keep working to get things moving.

Anyway, Eric Stephenson asked for four pages of the first thing we'll be publishing with Image to go in the next PREVIEWS. Or something like that. Off they went, and soon we'll see how that goes. Considering that Smoke and Guns will be out in the stores by September, I hope people's awareness of my work will be higher for when the first Image comic book arrives in November (or is it in October?).

Back to work, shall we?

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