Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Look around.

I really like to create the background for my stories. It's fun to build the world, imagine the houses, the streets, the cars and everything else I might want to ad to it. I don't need to draw every little detail of it on every single panel, but I know it's there and I can choose what to show and what to hide.

As much as I can, I like to plan ahead, and do all this creating before I actually have to start on the pages.

Some panels are all about the detail. All about the background. Others might be about one gesture, and no background is needed. Balancing this is what creates a good page, and a good story.

I want to create words when I tell stories. I want the background to be as much a character as the people living in this world. Every place has a history and the way we portray this world let the reader know where they're going.

A want to create characters people will like to meet in real life, and so I want to create places people will like to go and visit.

And then be back again.

Today I received word that ROCK'n'ROLL will be in stores on December 7th. Our wait is almost over and soon we'll see what the impact, if any, our little comic book will have. But that's now the talk for next week. This week, it's all about reading.

I have three scripts on my hand. One that I want to draw but I'm not sure if I can, and another that I know I'll draw and I'm excited about it. And then there's the third one, which I don't want to draw, but I'll wait until I finish it to decide (even if, in my mind, once you think you won't do it, you won't no matter what).

And I'm expecting another script this week for some work for hire experience.

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Marko Umorista said...

Aumenta esse Rock'n'Roll a’!
Boa sorte
tamos divulgando hoje