Monday, November 14, 2005

Self portrait.

I guess I can blame art school for that. All through history, artists have made portraits of themselves.

Then there's this very strong autobiographical tradition in brazilian comics, one that certainly influenced me while I was growing up. The fact that, at a very early age, the first characters my brother and I created were various versions of ourselves is a proof of that.

How much of yourself do you discover when you do a self portrait? What is the image you have of yourself? How much of it represents the image and how much, the personality?


Ricardo Reyes said...

When I was in junior high, the art teacher made us do some self-portraits, there were about two or three kids that could draw in the class and the others were just in because "there's no math in art class".

The teacher made us do one self-portrait with no mirror, just trying to draw yourself as you remember yourself, then we drew another with a mirror.

The weird thing is... the two self-portraits drawn by any of the the "regular" guys looked more alike beetween them than those of the guys who "could" draw.

Mike Wieringo said...

That's amazing, Fabio....! And very powerful yet simple use of limited color. Great self portrait.