Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today, we celebrate the "National comic book day" here in Brazil, as it was on this day, in 1869, that the first brazilian comic, called "As Aventuras de Nhô Quim", was published on the newspaper "Vida Fluminense".

The more my brother and I continue to work around the world, the more we want to keep publishing in Brazil. There's so much to say about all things, and certainly there's a lot to say about our country, our people and our friends. I came to realize it's more interesting to talk about what you know (and sometimes, to the people you know) than to try to talk about something you don't know, trying (again) to be someone you're not. The best way to make people notice your work is to be yourself, and be brazilian if that's what you are. They already have enough japanese in Japan, enough americans in the US, enough french in France.

Find out who you are, and how that's interesting, and it's much easier to tell stories all around the world.

And to your friends, who were there when you started.

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