Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cortina and the colors.

Working in color is so much different than working in black and white. I'm coloring this story I did last year and, since I knew from the get go that I wanted it to be in color, I left a lot of white on the page. When you're working in black and white, this white means white, or space, or air for the black to breath. Now, this white can remain all that, but it can also become an entire new world.

Very colorful indeed.

My plan right now is to finish all the colors this week, and considering it's just a 5 page story, it should be doable. This year, I plan on doing a lot more comics, so it's essential that I determine schedules even for the more independent projects and try my best to stick to them.

Ba will return tomorrow from Bahia after ten days of beautiful beaches and paradise refueling. Gerard already touched base from Tokyo, so Ba has a script waiting for him when he arrives.

Beginning tomorrow, the twin-machine gets back to its regular working routine, and it's time to start creating more stories.

Out of fin air, if needed.

In color, if necessary.

And lovely, as usual.

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