Tuesday, October 23, 2007

See today what's out tomorrow!

Newsarama has a preview of Casanova 10, which comes out tomorrow. Check it out and see for yourself how strange and bizarre this story-line is turning out to be, which throws me into a different place artistically.

I'm not changing my style or anything, but there are certainly scenes I never thought I would have to draw in a comic.

Here's the first page of said issue:

This is the first issue I did after I started doing Sugarshosk, and I guess the more fluid and somewhat cartoony aspect of Sugarshock went into this as well. One thing is for sure, with every new issue, Casanova is getting more graphic and "designy". Issue 12 should be a blast in that sense.

Wait and see. But, first, go buy Casanova 10 and let me know what you thought of it.


Rowan said...

How many issues are in the hardcover bound book of Casanova?

Fábio Moon said...

There are seven issues on the first bound book. The next seven issues will be collected next year on a new bound book.

Geoffo said...

I've got it but haven't read it yet (waiting to have the whole arc).


I love the designs at the end of the book work in progress.

And I do love the black & white & blue stuff. really. I think I'll try it some day.

By the way, I've also got the 24 seven vol.1, I love the colors, a kind of villarubia with much more peps.Hope you'll do more colors in the future.

rick said...

the colors look pretty neat.

donnachada said...

Loving the work you guys are putting into your books. Always looking forward to see your lines and staging. Great to see your blog.

Anonymous said...

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