Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Casanova 11 in the stands today.

I just received my copies. Just read it in my hands. I'm so used to the strong blue by now that I think it will be impossible to go back to a lighter color on the next albums.

Anyway, this is probably my favorite issue, artwise. From my issues, of course, 'cause Bá rocks in another dimention entirely.

I even liked my bit on the backmatter. I think I'm getting good at this "where does my ideas come from" thing.


jamil said...

people should be able to find #11 on the stands too. ; )

will you be providing backmatter for the hardcover of "Gula" like Ba did for "Luxuria"?

i hope that you and Ba will continue to alternate arcs. & that on the seventh arc you alternate issues. & on the final issue of that, you alternate pages. & on the final page, you alternate panels. & on the final panel...

well you get the idea.

Unknown said...

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