Thursday, November 08, 2007

the Casanova 14 cover.

Casanova #14 cover

This will be my final issue drawing Casanova. Acconding to the cover, all characters will move to Cuba, join the revolution and shoot crows.

Or become crows.

And their passports will have Casanova Quinn stamped on them on the way in.


jorge f. muñoz said...

"This will be my final issue drawing Casanova" For real?? I hope not...

Sail said...

Wow... that's such a great cover!

Jorge: Matt mentioned that Fabio and Gabriel would (ideally) alternate arcs. Which I hope happens.

Geoffo said...
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Geoffo said...

I've just read the smoke and guns.

That was cool.

You make want to do comics.

Corey Waits said...

I hope you really mean "last issue of Casanova for now"

The way I see it, Gabriel set a very high bar in the first album, but you've totally come through and bammed it up another notch.

I want to see the two of you trying to outdo each other each time you swap over. Sibling Rivalry = Awesome art for us readers.

Unknown said...

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