Monday, December 31, 2007


It's been a hell of a year.
I've never made so many comics in my life. I'm actually exhausted and I really need some rest. But it was totally worth it.
Worked on Christmas and I'm gonna work tomorrow and the day after, but it's all worth it.

Comics are great.

I believe we've done something special with The Umbrella Academy. I feel really proud of it. And that kept me working all these times.

Last night I was finishing it, alone in the studio, late at night, and I felt like registering it. Fábio wears suits on his last days on each project. Well, I'm not the fancy one.

It's no great movie, but it's just to say that I've done it. I went all the way, and I'd do it again anytime. So let's do it again next year.

Oh yeah, I couldn't help putting the song as the soundtrack. It's actually one I like.

Happy New Year to all of you.


Valéria said...

Teenagers is far from being their best song but it's a very cool one nonetheless. It was a funny combination of fast tune music with a video of slow pace... ;P

vc podia começar a fazer um pequeno making of de cada futura edição! :)
well, it's just a thought.

mal posso esperar pela #5 e #6!

vlw, bá!

Andrei said...

10. "Cortina." Fabio Moon ("Flight 4"/Villard) -- Let me end with this, a simple four-page waltz from Kazu Kibuishi's annual anthology that was the most evocative story I read all year. In the space of 20 panels, an extended sonnet of auburn hair, olive eyes and stiletto heels, the Brazilian swept me back to a high-school dance that still rests in the soft folds of my memory.

"It's the music that really talks to you . . . that tells you what to do," Moon writes. "All you have to do . . . is listen."

And linger over the panels, silenced by the magic in them.

j_ay said...

Congrats on finishing (easily) one of the finest comics to come out in some time.
Looking forward to whatever is up next for you.

Unknown said...

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