Thursday, December 20, 2007

lost Picasso.

In the middle of the night, today, two paintings were stolen from one of the most important museums in São Paulo. One of the pieces was a Picasso.



Unknown said...

man q trash isso
o pior eh saber a facilidade q o ladrão teve pra roubar ¬¬'

tem muitas peças preciosas no masp... se naum organizarem a segurança direito bye bye

James Figueiredo said...

Well, the other one was a Portinari, that makes it a double tragedy - And it's mind-numbing that neither one of them was insured, or that there were no alarms at the museum.

I bet it'll take at least another hundred years before any curator of a big foreign museum lets some of their big exhibits come here again...bummer.

Incidentally, what happened to the comments on the Portuguese version of the site?

Grande abraço,

Hamza said...

Jesus, that's terrible. Art theft makes no sense.. It can be tracked... They'll find it. No worries mates.

João Edno "John" said...

Vlw Moon... O meu zine ja esta em porcesso d criação... Ja fiz publicações d tirinhas e ilustrações para jornal... Mas projeto como zine, nunca saiu do papel... Vamos ver se agora sai (ou vai pro papel... Rs) Obrigado pelo comentário! Foi mto importante e inspirador... ^^
Grande abraço e feliz 2008 para vcs cheio d novidades!!!

Unknown said...

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