Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Daytripper day!

Daytripper is out today.

Every new day something can happen or you can meet someone that will change your life forever. These kinds of surprises make life an adventure and that's the kind of feeling we want the readers to have on Daytripper, our new 10 part limited series at Vertigo.

Today is one of those days.

We gave an interview to Comic Book Resources a month ago about the series, and another to Newsarama this week. We've written about the concept of the story and talked about our literary influences.

Our editor Pornsak has a delightful input on the process of getting the first cover right over at the Vertigo blog (and that's not even half of it).

Gerard Way, my partner on Umbrella Academy, sent the following quote about the series:

“From being two kids flying their portfolios halfway across the world to comic conventions, Gabriel Bá and and Fábio Moon are finally realizing their life’s work frighteningly young. Beautifully written and utterly gorgeous, DAYTRIPPER completely blew me away. Even more startling is the fact that for them this is truly just the beginning.”

Enough talk. It's time. Daytripper is out today and it will change everything.


BAEA said...

Muito bom.

Acho que uma minissérie autoral roteirizada e desenhada por brasileiros é algo inédito em Marvel e DC.

Ou estou enganado?


Zani W. said...

nossa que foda, hein.

Go Twins!

Claudio Saes said...

Muito legal!
Adorei os detalhes dos postes do centro, bem como o Copan.

Anonymous said...

Reads good! I tried to get an interview with you two about this, but Vaneta from Newsarama got to you first.

Michael Moreci said...

I truly cannot wait to pick this up this afternoon. Looks amazing.

Also, I just read that Machado is one of your influences. He is one of my favorite writers--one that isn't as recognized here in the U.S. as he should be. If you're interested, I just wrote a piece on him that was published, oddly enough, earlier this week. Maybe you'll like it:

I usually don't write much academic stuff (graphic novels are where my focus lies), but this project was sparked out of my admiration for Machado.

Anyway, I love your guys' work. I need to get my hands on your adaptation of The Alienist!



Anonymous said...

I'm home for the holidays, so I don't know if my local comic shop has it, but a friend working at a comic shop near my school is holding one for me to pick up when I go back in January :D

fox said...

I just got my copy today and it's fantastic guys. Being a fan of all of your previous work, it's almost like listening to a piece of music that has been building up to a crescendo, and i think you guys are playing the part of your song that I've been waiting to hear.

Nicci said...

Buying mine tomorrow! I am truly looking forward to it. ^^

Left Coast Right Watch said...

Dear Mr. Ba & Mr. Moon,
Daytripper is the best comic I've ever read. If I could make a comic half that beatiful in my lifetime, I would be content. I didn't see anywhere to write to in the back of the book, so might as well tell you here.

Abbie Hauge,
Monterey, California

Who is this Writer? said...

Congrats, guys! Can't wait to see it!

Faff said...

don't buy pamphlets anymore. Two kids wife dog, can't afford to. Bought this, loved it. Kind of comic I used to pray for. Now have to buy rest damn you.

MaGnUs said...

Parabems desde Uruguay. Excelente que haya sudamericanos trabajando en los comics USA... y disculpen que no falo muito portugues!

Salem "Acho que uma minissérie autoral roteirizada e desenhada por brasileiros é algo inédito em Marvel e DC."... Acho que voce esta en lo certo.

MaGnUs said...

Ah, y bom quadrinhos em Daytripper, Casanova, e Umbrella Academy.

fox said...

i loaned my copy of this and de:tales to a graphic designer friend of mine who has never read a comic before. now she's hooked and wants all my copies of your comics and keeps asking when the next daytripper comes out. good sign, i'd say.

Chelsey said...

i loved it. it was amazing! awesome art and great story. a total shocker!

Sean Maher said...

This is really incredible. Best new series I've read in quite a while. Thank you, gentlemen.


Unknown said...

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