Sunday, December 06, 2009

Talking about the trip

"Have you ever realized how our lives can change at any given moment? Have you noticed how we can plan ahead all we want, but we're always surprised by the unexpected? And that, afterwards, we end up with a sum of moments, both good and bad, that really define who we are, what we want, and what we love? Well, such roller coasters of ordinary life happen every day, and that's what DAYTRIPPER is about."

That's part of our "On the Ledge" text that can be read on every Vertigo book this month and also here.

DAYTRIPPER is 10 issues mini-series and it's a story about life and all the little moments that ask the big questions. It's an adventure just like life itself, a journey where it's not so important where you're going, but how you get there.

Fábio and I are really excited about this. More than the day this idea struck me, more than the day the project was accepted, now the time has come for it to become a reality. We gave a long interview to Comic Book Resources almost a month ago about the series, but now this is actually happening and we want everyone to be there when it does!

I was talking to Gerard last week, chatting about life, traveling, comics and music, and we talked a lot about Daytripper. How could we not? Fábio had the camera ready and we got it all recorded, just so we could share this very special conversation about our very special project.

DAYTRIPPER #1 will be on the stands this wednesday, December 9th, and you should all go to your favorite comic-stores and be part of this story.


becky cloonan said...

asdlgkjasldfj miss u guys!!!

Nicci said...

"Life is super." - Well said.

I actually do not know 8 people I could buy this for. Heh, I am not quite as popular as Mr. Way. However, I'm really looking forward to it. ^^

Lisandro Di Pasquale said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished book. I also get all the exitement you two are feeling right now, this is a big deal. I will wish you good luck, but when you have talent you don't need luck.

Unknown said...

Can't wait for this, hope it's a huge success for you guys!

Zani W. said...

aaaa, 'cês querem me matar. (de inveja)
zuera, rs.


Unknown said...

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