Thursday, March 03, 2011

GULA inking and the DHP variant

I love inking.
I made a video of some of the inking on my new Casanova GULA cover.
I hope you like it.

Also on the cover front, the folks at Dark Horse Comics announced my variant cover to the second issue of the new Dark Horse Presents anthology. I'm thrilled to do a cover for this comic book. I still remember how hugely influential it was to me to buy Dark Horse Presents when Sin City just appeared on the anthology, or when I read a Hellboy story in it. And then, when the anthology relaunched online, I was super happy to be part of it with Sugarshock, and now it seems the anthology's path crossed with mine once more. I really like the fantasy and science fiction feel of this cover, an homage to some of the greatest things to explore in comics form.

Here's the sketch and final version side by side, to show how much I really saw on the initial idea, and before that doing the final version was way easier.


Benjamin Vaughn said...

Amazing work! Thanks for posting the video. It is great to see your technique and skills with the brush at work.

Bill Dunn said...

Thanks for posting the video. You don't seem to turn the page much when inking, I thought that was interesting. Also, that DHP cover is damn pretty!

Unknown said...

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