Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday challengers

Way to start a monday, right? Comics to read, comics to write, comics to draw. And, all around the world, the notion that something you did is being read.

Hubert Pacheco (or Hub, as he signed his email) is a photographer from Manila, and gets his comics at the same Planet X comics store that Danry, our first Challenges, goes to. Because he already had all the individual issues of the mini series, he decided to improvise on the challenge picture. Nice work. The comic he's reading in the picture is a printed version of the webcomic he's doing with his friend Teddy, called Work in Progress, so I'm including the link for those curious to check it out.

Alan Hess got his copy of Daytripper, and mostly all of our previous work. He's a fan from Boston, so he might be glad to know we'll attend the Wizard World New England Comic Con in September 17-18th.

Ryan Claytor got his copy at 21st Century Comics in East Lansing, Michigan, right on the first day it hit the stands. For someone so fast on the draw that day (look at his flash-like pictures), he sure took his time to send us a picture, but I'm glad he did.

Finally, Taylor Pithers sent this from London via twitter. A pure act of unthinkable impulse, typical of twitter.

We're three weeks away from out first big trip, our convention trip to the Lima Comics festival, in Peru, so we'll need to focus more on the working and less on the blogging to get all this stuff that needs doing done in time for the trip. February is over, and it's time to switch gears in our production speed.

Thanks for all of you who sent pictures, or who reads the books or who love comics. All of the above, separately or together, are enough reasons for us to keep doing what we do. We like to tell stories and we're happy to have people to tell them to.

Back to work.



Thanks, guys! Teddy and I appreciate the link! I hope Atelier makes its way over here!

Hattermad said...

This book was amazing..exactly what I needed.

Ricardo Bastos said...

Bah gurizada! Comprei todos os Daytripper's e Casanova's disponíveis até então, menos o TPB do Tripper.
Um grande sucesso pra vcs e continuem assim. Do fã de Porto Alegre/RS, Ricardo Bastos.