Thursday, August 12, 2004

one image of two people and a couple of words that follow.

I'm reading the script I'm drawing and I can't wait to get to the part I'm reading now. That's when I think about jumping ahead and doing this scene first, then going back some pages. I know a lot of artists who work this way, mostly saying, with merits, that we start cold and we get better as we go along, and that the reader should be hooked at the beginning, hence the need of an already steady artwork on the first pages.

I also like to feel the journey as I draw a story, so that would prevent me to jump ahead. I might have to stick around where I currently am and see what happens. Who knows? I might be surprised when I finally get to the bit I'm reading and discover it's now funnier to draw it after I went through all that the characters went through.


Tonight is my sister's birthday party.
She has the most beautiful friends.
She used to work in a supermodel's agency.
She is the best sister in the world.

Tonight, I'll do some "research" for all the girls I'll be drawing in Smoke and Guns.

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