Thursday, August 12, 2004

stories from the front lines.

While we were sitting at the AiT booth at the San Diego Comicon, Ba did this quick sketch of our situation. It was still our first time sitting there and we were not quite sure how would the public view of our work (and of ourselves, since we were there to greed and get beat up by the angry mob) would be. We discovered really quickly that those who attend the Comicon for the freebees wouldn't even look at the booths, let alone to the guys sitting behind it, almost hidden by the pile of wonderful books. But, for the people interested in comics, we were still a little hidden, so from the next day on, we mostly stood up and looked to everybody in the eyes, daring them to come closer and take a look at our books.

Similar to meeting new people, selling comics in a convention must be a conquest. You have to llok the part you're playing, instead of just stay behind the books and let them do the talking. They don't talk! One of the reasons people don't buy your book is because they don't know it, and maybe they don't know anything about you either, so you have to let people know who you are and what you do.

"Hi, I'm an artist and I do comic books" and them show them your work.

About the work.

We're finishing up the colors for a story we did. It's 7 pages long and it's cute. It takes place at night and it's scary. It has super heroes and it's exciting.

We made this story to be in black and white, as we do in most cases, because we think that a good black and white story is harder to screw over when you put crappy colors. Now it appears this story will be published and they asked us to color it. We figured out a way to color it in a way we liked it, and making sue that all the good moody things we did in black and white would remain there with the colors.

It looks nice. You'll see.

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