Friday, August 06, 2004

Working for other people is like flying into unknown territory. You're not really sure if you're in friendly skies, everything can go extremely well, or it can also go extremely ill. Sometimes, it's only up to you to make the most of the experience, and it's your responsibility to make everybody look good.

If the tendency of the moment is "the writer runs the show", in contrast to the nineties tendency of the hotshot artists being in charge, we have to remember that the comics STILL need to be drawn, so the artist will always remain an important part of the process. Acknowledging that comics need good stories is not about giving power to the writer (or at least it shouldn't be), it's about caring about the final product.

Working with other people is a challenge. You'll receive part of process and will work from there to create something that has to remain interesting, has to retain the creator's "feel" and has to be good.

The skies are clearing up. It's almost time to go. Should this be a good time to mention I'm afraid of flying?

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