Friday, June 24, 2005

Do you feel like running?

It happens every time June arrives.
The hurry.
So many thing to do, so many pages to prepare, ideas to put down on paper and projects to read and write. Every year, it's crazy around June.

There's no reason to wait for something exciting to happen. You, and you alone, is responsible for your success, for your accomplishments, so you better go after what you want whenever you can, all the time, until you get it.
And, if you're going after your dreams, do it fast.

Comics are hard. You'll have to work a lot, more than most people you know. You'll probably have to believe in yourself more than most people you know. Most people you know feel like shit, but even like that they can do their jobs. You, on the other hand, is going after something higher than the average. You're fabricating dreams, putting down on paper the life of characters, of people, of ideals you (and hopefully others) believe in.
You're in it for good and bad, so you better give it your best if you want it to last.

You know you'll always be a comic book storyteller, but if you don't work hard, you'll only be that inside your head.

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