Friday, June 10, 2005

You know it, don't you?

You go to sleep and you're thinking about it. You wake up the next morning and it's the first thing on your mind. Something has to be done.

That's when you read. You go, open a book and start reading, trying as hard as you can to dive into the book's world, forgetting your own and, hopefully, forgetting about this idea that doesn't leave your mind.

It's useless.

In the book you start finding words you want to use, characters you want to use (and kill, of course), you find yourself writing a complete different book as you read the one you hold in your hands.

Same thing with movies. Try watching a movie and you'll see the actors acting, in your mind, the story that's growing inside of you, speaking the lines you want them to speak, doing it in a dark alley just like you imagined.


Let's go back to the blank piece of paper, then. Let's stop in front of it, breathe, think that you really want a cup of coffee, and go and stand up to get one.

Coffee always helps.

It won't save you from your story, though. You will still come back to the blank piece of paper and still you'll have to create your next story, your next characters, your next step on the way to the rest of your life.

But it somehow seems easier now, with my warm cup of coffee on my hand.

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