Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hand me your cigarette.

One of the good things of working on a big story with lots of characters is trying to find a different movement for each one. I like to draw people smoking, holding their cigarettes, puffing and everything, because I know that many people do smoke but they all probably do it differently.

There are several ways you can hold your cigarette, just as many as you can keep it between your closed lips. Some smokers can talk while still with the cigarette in their mouths, some can't.

Hands are very expressive and are great tools to make a character more dramatic. When this character smokes, you almost always have something in the character's hands so you are always using the hands to say more about the character.

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rodo said...

I draw too, not like you obviously, but I'm not afraid of saying I am good as well. This post is old as hell... but doesn't matter... nobody made sense like you did with this post before. Hands is where I have most trouble at, but it's also where I find my work is completed... it's amazing how the simplest details can make a drawing flow.