Monday, June 20, 2005

Follow the lines.

As we move towards new things, this is something that we do: sketches. As we're translating our ideas into a story, we have to always translate what we see to the paper through our drawings, and it's by constantly drawing that we guarantee that, when the time comes to do the actual paper, we have no problem drawing anything we feel like drawing, all these things we think it's cool until we reach the annoying point of having to draw them.

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Anonymous said...

ciao Fabio,
here is smoky man from Italy.
Maybe you know me for the 2003 "Alan Moore: Portrait of an extraordinary" tribute-book published in UK/USA by Gary Spencer Millidge's Abiogenesis.
Just few days ago I received a comp-copy of yr Ursula gn and I am going to write a review on my site soon. I'd like to contact you maybe for an interview and a little request.
email me at

From Italy