Monday, August 01, 2005

Busy week, like all should be.

My brother and I will spend most of this week very busy. This week, we're doing a 6 page story for a brazilian newspaper, celebrating the book-fair of children books and comics that starts soon. Instead of running a written piece to describe what's happening relating to comics, the newspaper asked us to come up with a story that would tell of all this things in a less journalistic fashion.

I think it's great when we have the chance to do comics that will be seen and read by people who don't usually read comics.

This is really fun, but it's six pages in three days. IN COLOR!

Back to work, then.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys I just followed your link over from Newsarama.

Sorry if this is an old or pointless question for you, I was just introduced to your work so i dont know... But have you ever considered giving the idea making webcomics a spin?

We could use a dash of quality.

Fábio Moon said...

Webcomics, while good to make more people see your work, will make people see your "low resoluton hurt the eyes after a while" work. We like to make comics take turn pages, that you can hold and that you read anywhere you want.

But yes, we are considering some web comics, just for the fun of it, and to practice.

sooner than later, they'll appear in here somehow.

Anonymous said...

ha ha.

I understand the feeling about the presentation of webcomics, but things have improved a lot over the last couple of years. And yeah, there's no need for you guys to hit the web if you're making a living with print.

But still, the more artists of quality to make their presence felt on the web, the better. The bar is set pretty low right now.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Looking forward to more.

Unknown said...

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