Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Damaged head.

Steven Grant wrote a lot of Punisher comics I read as a kid. That's the image I have of him: that guy. Now, he's still doing comics, but he's just another comic book creator I see at conventions. I know what he's doing right now, but it's not as a fan that I look at him.

It's strange the way this things chance and you actually becomes part of what once was only a distant world you only knew existed.

Anyway, over at his Permanent Damage column, he reviews both Gunned Down and Smoke and Guns, one on top of the other. "An excellent anthology for a great price" is the punch line for his review of our beloved western.

Gunned Down won't be solicited in PREVIEWS, so if you want the book, contact Terra Major and see with publisher/writer Shane Amaya how you can get this already available beautiful book.

Smoke and Guns should be at fine stores all around at the end of the month.

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