Monday, August 22, 2005

Pin up home work.

Today, I sent Matt the pin up for his coming comic book series, Strangeways, in which I was told I could do whatever I wanted as long at it had one of the two key elements from the series somewhere in the picture: horror (or at least one particular furry character of horror stories) and western.


But why should I do the easier thing? Why should anyone do the easier thing? If it's not the best thing to do, there's no good point you could make to convince me to do the easier thing.

Do your best. Always. You never know who'll be watching, who will first get to know your work, or hear your name, because of that one pin up, or that one story. Everything you do reflects what you want and who you are.

Are you easy?

Well, I'm not. I like to give it my best, no matter what I do. So, if I'm doing a western pin up for a story that takes place in Colorado, I'm going to do some research on what I would find about Colorado in the past. Probably nothing I researched ended up on the picture (something did, but a lot did not), but you have more elements to play with if you do your home work.

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