Wednesday, August 31, 2005

One should have character.

artwork by Fabio Moon.

For me, all characters should look interesting. Everything in a comic book should look interesting. If I'm doing a ugly house, it must be an interesting looking ugly house.

Smoke and Guns has this one particular character which is not a "hot babe", called Big Peach. As it turns out, she's an important character to the story, for she's Scarlett's boss.

But Big Peach is not pretty. Nor is she young, or thin, or hot.

She's kinda old looking, and fat.

That's when you realize that it's not the outside of a person (or a fictional character) that makes this person interesting, it's the charisma this person has, it's the personality, the way this person approaches life and what this person has to say.

Big Peach doesn't say much, but there's plenty of attitude in her.

She was the most enjoyable character to draw on the book just because you could tell what was going on with her just by looking at her expressions and gestures.

Smoke and Guns is out and about by now. Ask for it at your local comic book store. Or buy it online. Or seek for it somehow. ANd, while you're at it, read this latest review of the book by Randy Lander.

Also, check out the Wizard "Secret Stach" featured Smoke and Guns review.

click on the image for a bigger version.


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