Monday, February 26, 2007


I was talking with Grampá over the weekend and we made some very important decisions concerning the special comic book we're planning for San Diego this year. I still have to check all this out with Becky and Vasilis, but I guess they'll be just as excited as we are. I'm very happy to see Grampá's enthusiasm over doing comics at last, and that's the kind of people you should have at your side if you can when you're going after your dreams. Likewise, Becky and Vasilis share this kinetic energy on their personal projects, one that sometimes gets lost on other endeavors, and one that should be nurtured and watched closely. I know a lot of people who want to do comics, but just a few that really love to create them. Becky was one of the first I met, and she introduced me to Vasilis. And, once Bá and I met Grampá, all fell into place and it was just a matter of time until we decided to do something together. Here we are, trying to capture this momentum, this time in all our lives where we simply love what we do, and we do it the best we can.

Before all that, I have to finish my robot story.

I've been drawing at a much slower pace than usual, and that's not what I originally planned, but at the same time that got me much more time to think about my future projects - or the ideas I have and the hope they'll become future projects. Risking to spend more time on the future than o the present, I can't help but to feel happy that I'm doing comics, I'm creating stories and I have friends to do all these things with.

And I work everyday with my brother. That alone is a priceless experience, one that I can't describe and that you wouldn't believe me if I did.


becky said...

So I totally got it in Wizard that the five of us have a table at SDCC. Heh heh, yeah we ballin so hard

rock heads like mount rushmore

Bry said...

e como que seus amigos brasileiros fazem pra conseguir uma copia sem ter que ir ao comicon o.o?!?!? EU QUERO UMA!! assinada pels cinco e com marca de beijinho o___O

quero mesmo, serio, tem jeito? o.o

Unknown said...

Fábio + Bá + Becky + Vasilis + Grampá = SOLID GOLD

Let's hope you do the same as with ROCK'N'ROLL and make it available to the general public.

So, have you finished your robot story yet? I'm almost done with mine. :)

Unknown said...

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