Friday, February 23, 2007

Umbrella factor.

Gerard Way and Scott Allie talk about the first Umbrella Academy comic, debuting on FCBD, showing some of Bá's artwork. Since big publishers try to save their news to "break" them at conventions, I already expected NYCC to have this one. Here's one sentence I liked, from Scott:

"The way we generate pages has been that Gerard and I work out the script with a certain amount of back and forth and discussion, then that goes on to Bá, and he does real rough layouts. We give him feedback on that, some notes, maybe ask for some layouts to be redone but not much, then he goes straight to inks. With other artists, I'd want to see pencils before inks, but Bá's process is so organic, it only makes sense for him to go straight to inks… he gets this stuff intuitively, and brings so much style and character to it."


becky said...

I wish I was there for that, heh. I have some funny stories about nycc. Mostly I just chilled out though. I'm skipping today!! Wooo!!!

Unknown said...

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