Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Set up after a set back.

Looking through some old stuff, I found the thumbnail sketches from another story I haven't done yet. It's was very inspirational to look at those thumbnails and realize I wanted to know what happened next on every turn of the page. That story wasn't abandoned at the time (it was, but not on purpose, as I got another project that had to be done right away and took me six months of last year) and I realized it's still the kind of story I want to tell. If I can handle that story as well as my next project, I might be able to finish it before my next birthday. We'll see about that as the days go by. Right now, it's all about robots.

Except that, right RIGHT now, the robots are waiting. I got an advertising agency call yesterday and had to do something for today, but it's done already, but in the middle of yesterday's new job, I got another call from a big brazilian magazine asking for another job for wednesday, so that's what I'll do now. I expect to at least ink the page I did yesterday today, to keep things moving - and because I just want to do a little comics every day that I can, even if it's just inking one panel.


becky cloonan said...

That robot design is so good. Your pencils are so.. I dunno the word, sensitive looking? So fluid! We have to trade one day, I would love to ink you.

Hey hey and two calls for advertising, at least you are popular!! Hee, heh! But we want you working for comics so... Yes! Comics!

Unknown said...

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