Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Kraken

I like to think our stories make an impression on readers and that the characters really touch them. You know that your job was well done when you get a letter telling a touching story about how your story changed someone's life or how someone gave your book as a birthday present or just to win a cute girl into reading comics. Every response from the readers is a victory. And fan art is just about that too.

On our stories, we usually get more letters than fan art. I got very little fan art of Casanova. I'm getting some fan art of The Umbrella Academy already, but I have to point one out, because it's the first professional fan art we've got so far and that makes me feel really happy. This drawing on the top of the post was done by our very own Becky Cloonan, this monster of modern comics, who not just amazes everyone by being one of the few girls in comics, but also is this "out-of-this-world" machine who makes 2 comics at the same time and manages to make pinups and all sorts of cool artwork.

Becky is the best. She's fucking foda.


Zani W. said...

Hi guys!
Gabriel,vc não foi a sessão de assinaturas do TUA em NY,dia 19/09?

O trabalho de vocês é maravilhoso,Parabéns!

Loris Z. said...

Hi there Gabriel,

I made two fanarts of Casanova some month ago. My bad for not sending them before, apologies :(

Here are Fabula and Xeno

I'll get my copy of the Unbrella Academy this week, really looking forward to it.

Best regards!


becky cloonan said...

omg u guys... im totally gonna cry!! Fuckin foda to you too!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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