Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Landscape and the alien girl.

Another interview with Bá about The Umbrella Academy is up. We're only one week away from the release of the first issue, Bá will finish his third issue today and we'll move along just fine.

I often said that while Bá was drawing Casanova, and I keep saying it as he continues on Umbrella: his pages just keep getting better and better and he's doing a fantastic job, making it look easy, this art of telling stories.

Today, I got my copies of Casanova 9, and so should the comicbook stores. It\s the one with the alien girl on the cover. The only complaint I got about issue 8 was fixed this time around, and the book looks beautiful. My favorite sequence so far is in it, and we first meet two new characters I created for this volume. I'm currently drawing issue 11, which takes place inside a casino, and I also have created new characters for this issue. It's somewhat easier to create a character than drawing the ones Bá drew so much, but at the same time, it's fun to do my version of Rubi Berzerko. And Cornelius is fun as well.

Back to the pages, as we travel on Friday to a brazillian comics festival.

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