Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sugarshock in space!

The newest issue of Dark Horse Presentson MySpace went online today, and so has my second SUGARSHOCK! story. If you think Joss wrote a fun and strange story on the first chapter, wait for this second one (actually, wait for the third one)

Enjoy this new chapter on the band's story, filled with twist and action and ... well, go read it. It's free.

Most of all, it's fun.

Coincidentally, I just finished the next chapter today, and I think all ends up really nice. After three chapters of the and, I really feel I have a good handle of these characters, and they come out pretty easily.


Lynn said...

I'm really loving Sugarshock! The characters crack me up and the comic has such a witty, vibrant energy to it. I can't wait for more!

Unknown said...

Does your having a good handle on these characters mean that part three might not be the last we see of the band?!

Fábio Moon said...

What the future holds for Sugarshock is a mystery to everybody, me included.

Unknown said...

I adore this comic, it is so random and hilarious! I do hope it is printed up and sold as a trade paperback someday though, because I would love to own it and have it in my hands (online is big fun, but seems so impermanent).

Thank you so much for the beautiful artwork!

pulphope said...

Hi Fabio-- I liked the Sugarshock strip (saw it onlie)-- like some goofy 1970s Scooby-Doo type Saturday morning