Friday, November 13, 2009

13 at night.

Friday 13th. Here I am at night, headed home. First, I stop to think about all these things that seem to be happening at the same time.


I put aside my X-Men curiosity for a while. It was getting in the way of my pages. It was getting serious in an unhealthy kind of way. When time allows, I'll get back to it as the curiosity is still here, alive and kicking, but there are more urgent matter kicking harder. I did, however, managed to do some more sketches of the X-Men. And what trouble did they bring. I can tell you it's not easy to draw those people.

But back to what takes most of my time: Daytripper.

The release of Daytripper is getting closer and closer. Finally, after more than a year working on it, it's finally happening. We have never been so proud of anything we did like we are of Daytripper, and I think it really shows how much we like this project when we realize how much hard work it requires from us. We do everything the same we did with any other project, but it just seems harder, like it's so much more personal that it hurts to get it done, to get it out. Matt Fraction told us writing Casanova was a lot more trouble than writing anything else, so I guess it's expected.

Talking about Matt, he spent the entire week answering all sorts of questions on the WhiteChapel forum, and I found it very interesting for anyone who wants to know more about writing and making comic books for bigger and smaller publishers. I also liked that questions were balanced between his Marvel work and Casanova as it shows that readers are waiting for the book's return. We've been planning the book's return for some time now and it was very nice to see Matt share some information of the hows and whens of it. Everybody should check out that discussion, I couldn't help it myself and made some questions, and I ended up answering some as well.

That's how we'll learn: getting out there, making questions, trying things out by ourselves.

I have a lot of faith for the future of comics and I welcome all the hard work involved in being a part of this present and this future. I won't be easly scared if things get rough. Not now, on a friday 13th at night, and not ever.

Don't you just love comics?


Nicci said...

Yea! Sounds super exciting! I am very happy for you. ^^

Unknown said...

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