Monday, November 16, 2009

Big preview of Daytripper 1

What a day.

Today, at the Vertigo blog, you can check out an extended preview of the first issue of Daytripper. The cover and the first 8 pages are there for you to enjoy, get a glimpse of our new series, and hopefully they'll leave you craving for more.

In October, while visiting our studio, Ivan Brandon read the first 5 issues and said that Daytripper "is one of the most unique and heartbreaking books you'll ever read". I hope more people feel that way.

Tonight is tango night. It's always better to tango when you feel you have something to celebrate. As we get closer to the release date of the first issue, I feel every day I should be celebrating. Working at the same time, but still finding some time to celebrate.

As I tango, I suppose the internet will provide another treat tonight: the cover for the third issue of Daytripper. I'd keep my eyes open for that one. And to finish this post with something new to show, here's a sketch I did back in August as Bá and I were still figuring out what were we doing for the cover of issue one. Bá came up with the idea of Brás (our main character) sitting in the bench with his dog, Dante (yes, I'm giving away names, but that's because they're all on the preview I linked above), and I started to play with the background image and then Bá took that thought and created the awesome first cover.


Who is this Writer? said...

Looks so good!!

Nicci said...

Yea! Well done, have fun. ^^

Kevin said...

So Ba is doing covers and Fabio is doing the interior art? Do you guys ever ink each other too or collaborate separately on art?

Anyway, it looks great!

Anonymous said...

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