Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"This doesn't look like someone's FIRST comic at all!", I though as I read it. I wish all first comics looked this good, this crisp, this funny.

is Gustavo Duarte's very first comic, and it's amazing.

I know Gustavo for many years now, and we met in a Caricature event. I was doing caricatures for free at the park for some event, along with my brother and another friend, and when the event asked us to have more people working, our friend brought Gustavo.

And boy he was good at doing caricatures.

I soon discovered he world as a cartoonist on a sports newspaper and soon I realized not only was he good, he was really into comics. As I followed his blog, I kept seeing various comics related cartoons, some that he used on his work, and some he did out of pleasure.

Bá and I, we're stupid. We can't see an itch and we feel this need to scratch it. Somebody can have a very easy going and succesful life, but if we see this person has the "comics itch", we'll go there and scratch it until it grows. Some people want that itch to grow and need an excuse, and we love to be somebody's excuse to do comics.

Gustavo wanted to do comics. He might have wanted to do just one comic book. I told him "Go", and I kept telling him every time I saw him.


I'm so glad he went. And what an amazing comic he did.

This year, in San Diego, I convinced Gustavo to go to the convention and sell his comic there ( I guess this was another excuse he had to do it) and it was awesome to see the response of the public. is a funny comic, and there's nothing better than seeing people holding a funny comic and, suddenly, they would start laughing. Comedy must be immediate, and the response should be equally fast, and Gustavo hit all the right notes in his comic.

His VERY first comic.

He told me he would be happy if he could have done only one comic. And that he did, but soon he discovered what people discover when they start doing comics:

When you finish, it feels great because you did it.

When you finish, you can't wait to start the next one. It's addictive.

While Gustavo is already planning his next comic, you can look for at my favorite online retailer, Khepri.com (click here to get your copy). If you don't live in Brazil, Khepri is your best option to find this comic before it sells out.

And then you'll agree with me, and you'll join me as we wait for whatever is next.

note: all the images above on this post were drawn by Gustavo.


Marcelo Braga said...

You said it, Moon.

Gustavo's drawings are among the most unique brazilian cartoon styles and Có is a nice way to get in touch with that.

Highly recommended.

Daniel Walker said...

Hi! I'm from Chile and found Gustavo's blog a couple of years ago. Needless to say, I was inmediately shocked by the quality of his drawings, and now, thanks to you, I found out that he has made a comic book! How awesome is that!! hahaha

Is there any way I can buy a copy from here? I tried looking at Khepri.com like you said, but I couldn't find Có! among the other comic titles.


Lisandro Di Pasquale said...

That's very good. The art looks gorgeous. I also have the comic itch, in fact I've been trying to do this for like 15 years, and I don't seem to get there. Please, check my blog at http://beatenbroken.blogspot.com/
I added you as link because I really love your work and respect you as artist. Plus, you're from brazil and I'm from Uruguay. Keep up the great work.

Unknown said...

Sadly, Kherpi.com does not seem to have Có

Fábio Moon said...

Khepri does have Có, they just didn't put it online, it seems.

Unknown said...

I like the name Có! really sounds like a chicken or a rooster, really funny. And his art is pretty impressive, I even heard he did one for Generic Viagra featuring Maradona,I believe he has it in his blog.

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offbeatjunkie said...

I have seen a lot of Gustavo's artwork and it was all greatly done. He really has a God-given gift and will say two thumbs-up to him for being skilled.

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Unknown said...

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