Friday, July 30, 2004

How many people are we, anyway?

That's not really a question that I would answer here, but brings some points I've noticed at this year's Comicon and the different way people are receiving our work. At least, different from what we're used to her in Brazil.

You see, we've been doing this for almost ten years, climbing our way into this hard world of comics (independent comics, I might add). The public (should I say small public ) who reads comics here have already the notion of who we are and the work we do, even if they have never seen it. So I could say we have some success telling our stories around here, for a lot of people have at least heard of them.

But my point is on another end of our long journey and is about our partnership and how we deal with this sharing of roles. I'm talking about our being twins and working together and the fact that almost nobody really knows who does what around here. It gets worse because we really do everything ourselves and sometimes the division of the work is not drawn by a very sharp line.

So, we had the same "problem" at the Comicon, mainly because of our new book, URSULA, that we wrote and drew. On the original version, we had separated the credits for the art by pages, so a careful reader would know which page had been done by which one of us. In the beautiful AIT version, there's no such thing. But that's not really a problem, right? Just ask and we'll tell you who did what.

The real issue, the new spin on that, refers on F‡bio doing Smoke and Guns and that it has been spread all over the place and people new that and asked for Smoke and Guns sketches. Not the problem also, by all means, all the interest in our work, even separate, is great. But we left the convention under the impression that people did not really know that I also can draw. Once it is not said on URSULA that we did both things AND F‡bio is the one who has another project on the way, the public would address him in a different manner, with that look of wonder and enchantment on their eyes. For me, well, people look at me just because I am that hot.

Well, soon enough everyone will see the things we did and have been doing in separate and will focus on our stories, which is the most important thing and the only one that really matters.

Back to them, shall we?

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