Thursday, July 08, 2004

Throw the last Bone.

Today, I read the last issue of Bone. I've been reading Bone since 1996 (it took a while for the wonders of Bone to reach the brazilian shores) and I have completely changed the way I understood comics after I discovered those three cousins, all lost in that strange valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures. Bone was the first comic in a very long while that was made because it's author simply couldn't live doing anything else. He had a job, a life, everything one could want, but he wanted something else. In a way, he wanted more than the rest of us. He wanted to make a difference.

He succeeded in more ways than I can hardly begin to describe.

We should all be thankful we lived in the age of Bone, where we could follow, every two months, the adventures of Fone Bone and his friends. I am still amazed how Bone is the most coherent-looking saga of today, where you can look at the first page and the last and barely see which was done first.

Thanks, Jeff.

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