Tuesday, July 06, 2004

what did you already know and what did you learn today?

Tonight is the HQ Mix, the brazilian equivalent to the Eisner awards. Here things happen a little different, so, for starters, we already know who won what.


Simply because Brazil is a very big country, where is just not easy or cheat to travel around, so everybody from outside S‹o Paulo, the city where the awards are delivered, have to make plans to come, and they really can't afford to come if they didn't win.

This is the background to which we face the music down here. It's not easy, we don't make any money (well, maybe I can buy a couple of beer every other month with the money I make doing comics) but we LOVE COMICS. If we are still making them after ten years, it's just because we just could not live not doing it. And to be awarded for keep doing comics just for the love of it is always a good thing. Hence the importance of the HQ Mix. It's an award for people who love comics to be remembered, to be celebrated and to be respected.

Tonight, I'm selling my new comic book at the ceremony, I'm also selling the other comic book I did last year, and I'm also going already knowing that I won an award. I don't mind knowing. Would you?

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