Monday, July 12, 2004


It seems July has already begun, comic book wise, even before we reach San Diego. We ran into a lot of artists who are currently doing big super-hero comics and we got to know somethings first hand about the super-hero business.

A good one is the return of Roger Cruz to super heroes. Look for an announcement of the book (from one of the big two) he will be penciling soon (I know but can't tell). He's a great guy, incredible artist, and has been able to improve in each new work he does. And he has an amazing talent to super people. Given enough time, he can deliver some of the best super-hero pages you'll find.

Ivan Reis, currently doing the best super-hero pages you can find today, will be in San Diego signing books and looking good alongside his friend and inker extraordinaire Marcelo Campos. He's a nice guy and his success is well deserved.

We met Greg Tochinni this week as well, but his schedule with his "THOR: Son of Asgard" artwork didn't allow him to make the journey to San Diego this time.

To finish this one, a word about Joe Prado. He's not a familiar name to most of the readers, but he's getting there. Expect some super pages from him anytime now. And expect him to be in San Diego with all the crazy brazilians (count the brazilian twins in), making this year's convention the brazilian convention.

Next step: change the official language in San Diego to portuguese.

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