Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Listen and learn

"Your comic is not done after you do the artwork and get it from the printer. You still have to market and sell them."

Larry Young loves comics. And he wants to spread this love. That's probably the main reason he publishes them. Of course, he wants to make money out of his business, but if you ask him if he can think of at least three other jobs he could be doing (or have already done) that gave him more money and that were easier to do, he would answer you in a heart bit. You really gotta love comics to do them, and you have to believe in comics to do, print, market and sell comics all day long, day in and day out.

I had a blast listening to his radio interview on the net, and it even had a small mention to Smoke and Guns. He says "it's our June book". Don't you just love how your editor never puts pressure on you but is always passing this subliminal messages to remind you to "get it done!"

Back to the drawing board.


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Buster said...

Hey guys, I'm a REAL person (no penis enlargement here).

I love Casanova; you guys are great. I'm from Kansas City (which is also where Mr. Fraction resides) and hope to be a pro comic artist some day as well.

You guys are pretty inspiring. Let me know what you think about my crap, if you don't mind. Thanks.