Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A beginning.

When you start a new story, what's the first image you put?

You may start with a wide shot to establish what's going on, where are the characters and things like that, to keep the reader from getting lost right in the beginning.

However, aren't some stories just like that?

There you are, lost in all these sea of images, none really grabbing your eye, and probably you're wondering off into your own head, when suddenly one detail catches you, steer you into the right direction, and that's when the story starts.

Right there, lost, you hold tight to that little image that comforts you.

When you realize, the detail is part of a much bigger story, a more interesting and beautiful one.

And that's when she turns and looks at you.

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Sail said...

Beautiful, Fabio. What and when is this new story? I'm always wanting more of your work. Ba' is great, but he hardly fills the need for your art work. While similar, you two are very different as well.