Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Characters from life.

I love drawing from life. You can have the wildest imagination, but rarely you'll get as much diversity in terms of body language as by just looking and studies from real people.

Everybody moves differently.

In their own way, they move their hair, look to the side, smile. To take the "language" part of body language, you'll always learn new words when you study new people.

. . .

Ba finished the cover for Casanova 7, which is the last cover of the first "season". It's really good, and it shows how much Ba has evolved during this past eight months of work. It will also bring back some elements from previous covers in order to convey this sense of closure of the first arc.

. . .

I'm almost done with the script for the next graphic novel. I have a deadline, which can help a lot in terms of getting stuff done, and I have to start thumbnailing if I want to finish all of it by November. The next months will certainly be busy, which just make them much more fun.

. . .

The character I did the previous drawing is the same one I'm doing the studies for, and it's for a new short story. I often think that short stories, if not only good to tell moments of life, area good way to put your characters to some good use until their bigger stories are ready. This certainly seems the case, and hopefully the short story in question will make it easier to create the world and the mood for what I have planned for the characters I'm creating.


.ed_ said...

man, these life studies are so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

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