Friday, August 25, 2006

Covering the past.

Old stuff, from 1997, when we were doing fanzines (or mini comics) in college. One of the funniest things was playing "cover artist". As far as interior art goes, we have been fairly traditional. Black and white, traditional inking, all that. Most covers were like that, but from time to time, we tried different approaches.

Differently from comic book pages, a cover can be a nice single image, can have no background and still look awesome, and can have all kinds of techniques without getting too distracted. It was all a matter of playing with the design of this single image, and playing was fun.

Changing angles, choosing if the image of the cover would or would not have something to do with the pages within, varying black and white with pencil tones or washes, all that made the process of the covers a great way to think about what you can achieve with your images.

It was on those covers that I really discovered I liked to draw girls so much.

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Mike Wieringo said...

Those are absolutely GORGEOUS...! So very beautiful.....