Monday, December 18, 2006

Covering Luxuria.

This is the cover of the first Casanova collection.

Ba has outdone himself with all Casanova covers, specially if you consider that, before starting on the series, he didn't like to do covers, and didn't think much of the few covers he had done before.

Not only the covers have a visual identity, but they also are not just one image made by the same artist who did the interior artwork, which means that this image (and all other covers) has to look like a cover, like one image that tells a lot without showing everything.

You don't need the logo to see this is a cover.

Likewise, Becky's latest cover for "Pirates of Coney Island" is perhaps the most graphic she did for the series, and maybe that's the reason it is the one that works the most to grab the reader's attention.

For O Alienista, which I just finished, Bá and I will collaborate on the cover. Let's see where that will lead us.


Sail said...

Casanova has been a great series. Ba's art has been fantastic from the start, but getting to watch him grow over the course of the series has been the best part.

This cover is simply amazing! I can't wait to see what he does during the next arc.


Leandro said...

É imaginação minha ou existe uma forte influência do Sergio Toppi nessa capa?

Ela ficou linda, por sinal. A melhor da série!


Anonymous said...

That cover makes me think "I can't wait to buy it" what a work of art!!! Gabriel's covers (if you can't tell already) are such an influence on me.

Impatiently waiting for the Alienist....

Unknown said...

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