Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Matt Fraction!

It's rare when I actually read super-heroes these days. I don't follow any hero month in and month out anymore, but some times I look through some comics on the stands to see what's going on. Other times, I check the internet previews across the news sites.

I read the preview pages from Punisher War Journal on the internet. They read like a Matt Fraction book. Nothing more natural, I suppose, since he's writing it.

Some people might find this bad, but for me, it's good. I hate writers with no "voice". They'll write whatever you want, it can be great, but you may never remember their names when you're remembering the story afterwards.

Matt has a "voice".

He's a rambling mumbling talks a lot kind of guy.

Happy Birthday, Matt.

1 comment:

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