Thursday, December 21, 2006

What's next?

I did a one page story this week, remembering how pleasant it can be to do short stories. When you're creating a longer piece, you may think about each page as a whole and try to compose the panels in a way they'll feel balanced and complete, and yet they must lead to the next page, but when you're doing a one page story, you take this notion to the ultimate level.

One page stories are like comic strips. They're jokes, even if they're not funny.

You have to have a punch-line.

And then, you're done. It's so fast you just want to keep going, keep drawing, creating yet another story, another character, another world.

You don't have to wait the end of the year to start thinking ahead, but when the year ends, you feel something is closing and start to wonder what's going to begin next.

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